Relaxing Transition to Retirement Program™

You’ve Come A Long Way

You've had a busy life. You've gone to school. You got married and had children. You survived all of their "stages". And, you still paid for their college and weddings. You bought a home and paid your mortgage. You bought insurance. You invested in an IRA and your company's retirement plan. You've worked at numerous jobs, received promotions, and dealt with countless changes at work. You’ve come a long way. You've been through a lot. You've provided for your family, and now it's time to provide for yourself.

You’re At the Crossroad

Can I afford to retire? And, if so, how should I do it? There is a certain point in our lives when all of us stop, reflect, and wonder if we have saved enough money to be able to stop working and still live the life we’ve always dreamed of. This is what we refer to as The Employment Dependency Crossroad.

The Relaxing Transition To Retirement Program answers these questions. For over twenty years it has helped hundreds of people who were at The Employment Dependency Crossroad, develop the confidence they needed to transition to the life they’ve always dreamed of without worrying about work or money.

The Best Ten Years: The Ins and Outs of Transitioning to Retirement
Ready to retire? The Best Ten Years can help you set personal retirement goals and make critical financial decisions for the retirement you want.

Where to Go From Here

Preparation is essential for any journey, but especially one as vitally important as the one destined for your retirement. SPG's 5 step process is designed to help you navigate this journey.

  • 1

    Determine The Cost of Your Trip

    Just how expensive a trip can you afford? Everyone's lifestyle priorities are different – and different priorities come with different price tags. We help you calculate the price of your lifestyle by determining your average monthly expenses and quantifying your upcoming large expenses.

    What we’ll talk about

    • Average monthly expenses
    • Upcoming large expenses
    • Sources of income
    • What has to happen in order for you to be happy with your retirement
  • 2

    Plan Your Route

    With any successful trip, it's a good idea to know your destination and the routes that will take you there. We'll guide you in creating a custom designed Retirement Roadmap to help you answer your two biggest questions: “Can I afford to stop working?” and “If I can, how should I do it?”

    What we’ll talk about

    • Staying ahead of unexpected surprises
    • Reducing volatility
    • Reducing taxes
    • Coordinating all of your sources of income
  • 3

    Review The Planned Trip

    Now that we're clear about what you want your lifestyle to be – and how much it will cost – we can create a custom-designed Retirement Roadmap for you. The Roadmap will help you develop the confidence you need to make important decisions that you can be comfortable with.

    What we’ll talk about

    • Clarifying your options
    • Making adjustments
    • Finalizing your exact course
  • 4

    Take Action

    Your Retirement Roadmap comes with an Action Plan, a list of recommended steps to put you on the right path. We'll take the time to coordinate and assist you with the implementation of your personal Action Plan.

    What you can expect

    • You'll feel confident
    • You'll know exactly what you need to do
    • And you’ll know when to do it
  • 5

    Begin Your Trip!

    You're packed, fueled, and ready to roll. You're all set to take the steps necessary to insure a smooth, pleasurable ride: cash flow, tax reduction, investment reallocation, insurance prioritizing, debt restructuring, and estate planning. It’s time to get going.

    We’ll be along for the journey in the following ways

    • Quarterly review meetings
    • Making adjustments due to changing circumstances
    • To stay up to date on tax laws, market conditions, etc.

Let’s Get Started

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